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Mini Porcelain 5

Against the sun wheel

a flying jewel

the plover.





Like jewels on a string, the pictures of these beautiful pots (with and without shohin) are threaded together. A good bonsai pot collection should always contain, along with ceramic pots, a few pots made of porcelain. Strangely, the word porcelain has a slightly different meaning in China: There all kinds of ceramics that have a clear and high ring when struck are called porcelain. In Europe, only the ceramics that - besides having this clear and high ring - also are translucent, clear and white are called porcelain. Porcelain is a ceramic substance that is made of kaolin, feldspar and quartz and that burns to a glassy body between 1300° and 1500° C. Like in the previous articles on "Mini Porcelain" I'd like to show you again some mini pots. I tried to bring them into some order - let's start with the lively ones, the colored ones, the jewels.


 Picture 1 

Chinese Pot, about 80 years old


The decor of these pots was created by onglaze firing. In contrast to underglazes, these onglazes gave a very rich color palette, so these pots could be painted very colorfully. After painting with the glaze, the pots were fired a second time to about 850°C. This little porcelain pot impresses with an exuberant floral pattern. The thick turquoise glaze was applied to the entire pot, but sparing the flowers and twines; the resulting white pattern is the color of the porcelain body.


 Picture 2

The upper rim, too, is lavishly sculptured and painted.




And here again, in comparison, jewels in the Japanese style of painting. There are various techniques of painting shown here. What they have in common are the great range of colors, the liveliness and finally the vitality of the paintings.


Pictures for your enjoyment of art.


 Picture 3 

Pieris japonica,  Height: 16 cm


 Picture 4

Japanische Serissa, Serissa japonica,  Width: 19 cm 


 Billd 5

Japanese flowering quince, Chaenomeles japonica, Chojubai  Height: 21,5 cm 


 Picture 6

Styrax japonica,  Height: 13 cm


 Picture 7

The floral pattern almost has a three-dimensional effect.


 Picture 8

Star jasmine, Trachelospermum jasminoides,  Height: 20 cm - Owner: Akira Yokuyama


 Picture 9

A dragon in the typical Japanese style


 Picture 10

Actinidia arguta, Width: 9 cm - Owner: Shinichi Yoshida


 Picture 11

Chinese pear, Pyrus pyrifolia, Height: 12 cm



Peter Krebs



Image sources:


Images 1, 2: Peter Krebs und Bernd Braun


Images 3-11 kindly provided by BONSAI ART.


Translation: Stefan Ulrich

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