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Collection Vaughn L. Banting Nr 3

I found this bulb pot in an antique shop many years ago


This pot was found for me by a friend in Shanghai China I met through eBay.


Like several other bulb pots in this collection, I do not own this pot but it is a very good example of a Yaun or Song dynasty bulb pot.


This pot came to me through eBay very recently and it is one of my favorites. The double coin motif is highlighted by the fact that this pot features double walls.


This is another pot that I do not own but have included it here to show off the diversity of styles and patterns inherent in bulb pots.


I love the simple architecture of this bulb pot but never the less I did not bid on it and the picture included here is only for the viewer's pleasure.


This is another bulb pot found for me by my friend in Shanghai China. It might actually be a brush holder and not a bulb pot but it doesn't feature a drainage hole and thus could be used for bulbs as well.


This interesting and colorful bulb pot was also found for me by my friend in Shanghai China.

I very much regret not having won this pot on eBay but again I include it here for your viewing because it is a very exquisite bulb pot.


I don't own this bulb pot but merely harvested the picture from somewhere as an example of another style of bulb pot.


This is a bulb pot that I found in Malaysia my way of eBay.


This is a lotus flower shaped bulb pot I am expecting any day from Shanghai China.


I harvested this picture of a beautiful blue bulb pot sitting on an equally beautiful stand to show the viewer the museum-like settings in which you will find bulb pots.


An unusual sky-blue bulb pot


Inside view


This bulb pot's painted design provides an insight into ancient Chinese containers


This is another pot that I didn't bid on and is included here only for your edification