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The pots presented here are an example for the high art of Chinese porcelain painting. The larger pot (16,4 x 10,6 x 7,9cm) probably shows a scene from a play or some event.

The smaller pot (8 x 8,5 x 5,6cm) shows a floral decor of pines, bamboo and chrysanthemum on its picture frames. The pine is a symbol for long life since it defies cold weather and does not lose its needles. Old pines are objects of reverence. Bamboo is an important natural resource in China. It too is a plant that does not die in winter.

The Chrysanthemum, shown on the picture above, symbolizes a long life or the autumn of life. (Both pots were displayed 2002 in the SHUNKA-EN museum for bonsai art in Japan).

These bonsai pots are testimony of a vibrancy that we cannot even begin to understand with our cultural background. Things that have grown over generations in China can be translated textually, but not emotionally. On the other hand, perhaps there is some hope that in a few generations there will be something genuine in bonsai art which will correspond to our own world of emotions and phenomena.

Peter Krebs

Text extract from BONSAI ART Vol. 70 , page 62
Both photographs were reproduced with kind premission of BONSAI ART.

Translation: Stefan Ulrich

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