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Book 2

Book 2

In contrast to books about bonsai there are only very few books about the subject of bonsai pots. Books concerning the artistic aspect of bonsai pots exist only since the early 70s of the last century. Therefore this subject has been dealt with in literature only for a rather short time and not very elaborately.

Harald Möhler is one of the greatest bonsai book experts in Europe. In this rubric he shares his knowledge concerning bonsai pot books with us.

“Bonsai Pot Books Japan and China” – 2 volumes

Publisher: Nippon Bonsai Association, published 1990


Volume I shows more than 850 bonsai pots and155 suiban of outstanding quality as well as 193 potter marks with explication.



















Volume II shows more than 600 bonsai pots, suiban and doban of top quality. In addition to this, 105 potters and their works are presented in artists portraits. This volume is completed with more than 150 high class display tables and wooden trays and additional 167 potter marks with explication.












Luxury illustrated book (2 volumes)

Linen hardcover with slipcase, no book-jacket

Colour photographs of splendid and famous bonsai pots.

ca. 2500 colour photographs altogether

296 pages each volume

Measurements: 26 x 34 cm

Text: Japanese


Text by Harald Möhler    

Photographs by Peter Krebs

Translation: Heike van Gunst

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