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Ventricular Fibrillation


Each bonsai enthusiast knows this disease. Some are struck sporadically, others suffer chronically, during an exhibition, while looking at newly imported trees or on a yamadori excursion. In recent time it also infects bonsai pot freaks. Unfortunately there are no medical examinations of this phenomenon yet.

Now for the first time it has been accomplished to document this disease in a photograph.

Mr. Harald Lehner from Hofstetten just had his camera in his hands, when a well known bonsai master from Düsseldorf, who otherwise never gets disconcerted, was in such a condition. While regarding a very old bonsai pot, this ventricular fibrillation occurred with such an energy that even in a distance of two or three meters a transcendental glow could be seen.

For information on risks and adverse effects, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

The sensational photographer can be contacted at
The photograph was taken during the 5. WORLD BONSAI CONVENTION 2005 in Washington by HARALD LEHNER.
You can get in touch with the bonsai master at Master Busch.


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