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The Treasures of Mr I. C. Su (3)

These old pots are a reflection of a bygone era, dignified objects which let the melancholy of aging invade our emotions.

Zishar Pot - Quing Dynasty

A red Clay Pot - Quing Dynsty

Red Clay Bonsai Pot - Ming Dynasty

Photographs cannot evoke the feeling in our hearts that you experience when you can hold such masterpieces in your hands.

Gray Clay Bonsai Pot - Ming Dynasty

Perimmons Clay Bonsai Pot - Ming Dynasty

Gray Clay Carved Bonsai Pot - Quing Dynasty

It is impossible at all to find the words to express that feeling.

These pots belong to the collection of Mr. I. C. Su from Taiwan. It is among The finest in the world.

All photographs were kindly provided by Mr. I. C. Su

Text: Peter krebs

Translation: Heike van Gunst