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These two old bonsai pots in the blue-white style are from China.


Size: 27 cm x 22 cm x 15 cm



Size: 27 cm x 21 cm x 15 cm


Today both pots are located in Japan. It is unfortunately unknown to me when and how they arrived there. I first saw them in the "Bonsai Art Auction" catalogue in 1985 (No. 138 and 139), and I don't know who acquired them.


In 1990, the Nippon Bonsai Association published two bonsai pot books on Japan and China (see also this article in the "Bonsai Pot Books" section) where I found these pots again in the volume on China. There is a vivid exchange of old and new pots in Asian bonsai countries. The laws of offer and demand create a "pot market" which unfortunately doesn't exist in this form in the Western countries. There are collectors of pots (on small and larger scale) buying old pots, but these pots will almost never re-appear on the market.


Whenever I'll get news on the the whereabouts of these pots, you'll be able to read them on this site.


Peter Krebs


Photographs:  BONSAI ART AUCTION, Japan



Translation: Stefan Ulrich


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