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Pot Museum Notter


A diamond in the bonsai ring of Switzerland is the “ARBORETUM” in Boswil.

Ten fingers are enough to count the European bonsai avant-garde. One of these great pioneers lives in Switzerland. A concealed driveway leads the bonsai enthusiast through an iron gate to the fascinating world of “1001 Nights of Bonsai” behind high walls. In a small area you can admire all aspects of the bonsai world. A one-day visit is not sufficient to study everything in detail. All elements are placed aesthetically and in harmony with each other.

The master of all these treasures is Pius Notter, pioneer and pathfinder of the Swiss bonsai scene. Countless articles by him and about him have made him world famous. His trees are known to every enthusiast. There have been several books on his bonsai collection. A few years ago he opened his suiseki and bonsai pot museum. His suiseki collection is presented in a lovely illustrated book. His collection of old bonsai pots still waits to be discovered and documented. My passion for old pots led me to ask Pius Notter to show his old pots on this website. It has taken him more than ten years to build up his collection. It is not possible to just go and buy an old bonsai pot in China. They are not traded anymore. Only tedious effort and very good connections can help a private citizen to get a pot. Then they are often overpriced. On the Japanese market there are still old pots available. But you must be careful when the price seems inexpensive. There are many so-called old pots and a lot of them are fakes that can not even be identified by experts.


Inside the ARBORETUM there is the bonsai pot museum.

In this dignified room, antique bonsai pots from China and Japan are displayed. Pius Notter has collected them during 20 years.

The viewing of those old pots is an absolut enjoyment of art for the dedicated connoisseur and bonsai pot enthusiast.

A beautiful display of the old pots during a bonsai exhibition in Lenzburg/ Switzerland.

All of these pots are described separately in the category “THE TASTE OF FIRE” .

Peter Krebs

All photographs by Pius Notter, Boswil, Switzerland.

Translation: Heike van Gunst

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