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Paul Lesniewicz




This website is dedicated to Paul Lesniewicz. He has been my mentor for many good years. During my research on the secrets of old pots, bonsai techniques and bonsai culture he was always helpful and supportive. I had the honour to maintain, rearrange and direct his “Bonsai Museum“ for three years. This time was of fundamental importance for the refinement of my pottery skills. I was allowed to take the old pots home with me, refurbish, maintain and even restore them. In order to understand old chinese pottery techniques, I tried then to copy and archive old pots. 

All this was the founding of where I am now, and I will always be obliged to Paul Lesniewicz.



Paul Lesniewicz, born in 1941, is THE pioneer and pathfinder of the german bonsai scene. In Europe he became renowned for his numerous publications about bonsai culture and the illustrated book “The World of Bonsai” (originally „Die Welt des Bonsai“).

He established the “BONSAI-CENTRUM HEIDELBERG” which was the meeting place of european bonsai enthusiasts. The crown jewel of the center was the “BONSAI MUSEUM”.


Paul Lesniewicz has been collecting very rare and extraordinarily beautiful bonsai and bonsai pots for many years from all over the world and has displayed them at this “sacred place” of bonsai enthusiasts.

The bonsai pot collection consisted of appproximately 200 old and very old pots from the entire Asian region.


Today Paul Lesniewicz lives on his finca in the mountains of one of the Canary Islands. He could not and also did not want to take his huge collection of bonsai and pots with him. My philosophy concerning this: small things become big, big things become small (not in a judgemental sense), everything changes, nothing is static. This collection has dispersed and is now spread over many places where new collections are developed.


The pots from his collection are presented with pictures and text in the following articles in the various categories of this website.


Peter Krebs

Photographs: Paul Lesniewicz

The illustrated book “THE WORLD OF BONSAI” / “LE MONDE DE BONSAI” (french) is available from BONSAI ART.

Translation: Heike van Gunst

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