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Pair of Mirrors

Pair of Mirrors



These are two chinese porcelain pots. The first firing was at ca. 1300°C. Then the coloured motifs were applied, and the pots were again fired at ca. 900 - 1100°C. The pots are hexagonal, their diameter is 20cm (8in) and their height 12.5cm (5in). They are about 60 - 80 years old.


Both pots were offered for sale at the Bonsai Centre Heidelberg a few years ago. I bought one of them for my collection. About one year later, i wanted to buy the seemingly identical one for a friend. When I arrived home, something seemed odd about the pot. I put it next to the other one and was very surprised to find that it wasn't a duplicate of the other one, but its exact mirror! The paintings on these pots are mirrored, and the pots belong together - they form a pair. This is often the case with vases and plates, but more rare in bonsai pots. Now the pots are united again and are a delight for the collector's eye.


These pots are a prime example for the mastery of the Chinese potters. The pictures weren't created with a gauge, in which case it would have been easy to just turn it around to create the mirrored image. They were painted free-hand - a true masterpiece!


Peter Krebs


Pots from Paul Lesniewicz's collection.


The pair of pots is currently part of the collection of Peter and Reini Schwarzer.


Photographs: Helmut Rüger


Translation: Stefan Ulrich




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