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Mini Porcelain 1

Mini Porcelain  1


Since a few years they are increasingly popular - the small ones, minis, finger tip or one-hand bonsai. It is fascinating to carry a tree on the fingertip, to see how much power and energy can be contained in a tree that's only 7 to 15 cm high. Big things are mirrored in small things. Bonsai, pot aesthetics and pot shapes are valid for the small ones too, with a few exceptions; e.g. pots for these small trees may be a little bit deeper, to provide a minimum amount of soil. Eye-catching glazes, from canary yellow to cherry red, are particularly attractive. Colorful paintings or porcelain pots complete the miniature.




In this series of articles - Mini Porcelain - I'd like to present pots of this type. There are also antique pots among the miniatures, ones that are older than 100 years. But these are rare and can hardly be found in Europe. The pots presented here are about 30 - 80 years old.





The pot shown here is a porcelain pot. The color of the glaze is a charmingly soft and warm yellow. The image frames were not glazed and painted with a very fine brush in monochrome brown-red color. The images and the upper rim are framed with a golden glaze, which was fired to ca. 800°C - a soft firing, which is the reason why the color is almost worn out at the rim.


The image shows people embedded into nature, almost fusing with it - symbols of the Chinese's reverence for nature. The images are only 6 cm in diameter! The painters did their work with a great sureness, spontaneously and powerful.



On the bottom of the pot you can find a mark which shows that this pot was produced in an state owned pottery. The name of the city is KOU SHU, the size of the pot is 12 cm x 12 cm (4 1/2 in), height: 8 cm (3 in).


Peter Krebs


The pot is from the collection of Paul Lesniewicz.

Photographs: Bernd Braun.


Translation: Stefan Ulrich

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