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Masako Esaka 4

This basked-shaped pot is a work of Mitsue Kataoka. Planted with flowering species, it looks like a flower basket. The handle needs to be taken into account when choosing a front.

Right: Purple Gromwell (Lithospermum purpurocaeruleum); left: Miterwort (Mitella stylosa variegata). The species Lithospermum belongs to the Boraginaceae family, is evergreen and occurs in mountainous forests. Its is 10 to 30 cm high and flowers between April and May. Since it's a rather sensitive species, the old soil should not be completely removed when repotting. The mitella is also evergreen and from the Saxifragaceae family, also common in mountain forests. It has a height of 30 to 50 cm and flowers from April to May.

Fixing the drainage mesh and filling in the drainage layer.

Since it's a rather delicate species, some pieces of coal are put at the bottom of the container, which contributes to the health of the roots.

When repotting, not all soil should be removed, just the outer layer.

Positioning the plants in the new pot.

Removing the old soil.

Positioning the mitella in the new pot. Its leaves slightly touch the handle of the basket, while the Lithospermum grows in the front.

Final positioning; filling the pot with substrate.

The soil is worked into the roots with a small bamboo stick.

For a better proliferation of the plants, fine volcanic gravel is used instead of moss as a top dressing.

The Miterwort (Mitella caulescens) quickly increases in volume, so enough space needs to be reserved for expansion. Once it's more dense, it will look much more interesting.

This article was kindly provided by BONSAI ART.

Translation: Stefan Ulrich

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