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A Bonsai Pot By The Artist Kakiemon



Width 9,5 cm, depth 8 cm, height 7,2 cm.


Kakiemon is an artist also known outside of Japan, and outside the world of ceramics. His creations have influenced artist potters worldwide. Today everywhere ceramics are produced that have been inspired by the forms of vessels designed by Kakiemon. Even though Kakiemon produced many tablets and plates, there are only few bonsai pots by him. The reason for this is that Kakiemon produced a lot for the export to European countries at a time where there was little demand for bonsai pots.

After searching for a long time we could finally find a pot from the hands of this master. It is an exceptional and coveted work of art.

The owner, a dedicated collector of bonsai pots from Nagasaki, would never part with this pot. He guarded it like a treasure, since this pot is the best piece of his collection. Its porcelain is of almost pure white, which is typical of Aritayaki porcelain.

The most outstanding feature of this pot created by Kakiemon is the diversity in the decoration of the four sides.

From the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot one can see that this pot was not only used for decorative purposes. It has been a long time since it fulfilled its original purpose as a planting container. According to today's taste it would be difficult to find a bonsai suitable for this container - or can you imagine a tree that would fit this pot?



At the bottom of the pot the artist's mark is visible.



Article and photographs reproduced with kind permission of BONSAI ART.


Translation: Stefan Ulrich

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