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Is this an old or a young dragon pot?


It's all a question of perspective. Compared to a human life, it is very old. But for a ceramic object, which can easily survive two thousand years, it is still in its infancy. However, judging from its scars and wounds, it must have gone through and survived a lot.

The first hundred years of its history (who made it? who used it? where was it placed? etc.) were probably lost forever when it was imported from China by Paul Lesniewicz.

So its history has to be written anew. I will make a start:

Origin: China, imported around 1980 by Paul Lesniewicz.
Owners: first in the collection of Paul Lesniewicz, later in the collection of Peter Krebs, nowadays owned by Klaus Willberg, Munich.

This is the new start of a future history of this green dragon pot, which could last another two thousand yearrs.

Peter Krebs

Stylized dragon from the QING DYNASTY, 1644-1911

Stylized dragon from the MING DYNASTY, 1368 -1644

Drawings and photograph by: Peter Krebs

Translation: Heike van Gunst

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