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Five Color Dragons


The bonsai pot collection of Mr. I. C. Su from Taiwan is one of the finest in the world.

The hexagonal pot shown in this picture is painted with five-colors and was put to auction at Sotheby's in the Netherlands. The images on the pot show to dragons saving a pearl. Historically, dragons are considered “Guardians of Heaven in China, a concept that as been passed on from generation to generation and thus became deeply ingrained in the people's psyche. The story of the two dragons saving a pearl is very dramatic. Originally dragons had been portrayed as monsters since they were thought to be able to swallow the sun or the moon, thus causing solar and lunar eclipses. Later this idea became a myth.

This scene shows two dragons saving a fireball, which symbolizes both the sun and the moon. In China, this picture symbolizes a safe and peaceful world.

Peter Krebs

For more details on the five color technique see I. C. Su (2).

Article first published by the Swiss bonsai Magazine MENSCH UND NATUR.

Translation: Heike van Gunst

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