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Collection Vaughn L. Banting Nr 2

This handsome bulb pot was listed on eBay but its price was beyond my budget at that time but now that I see it listed again I think I will make an offer.


I did not bid on this small bulb pot because it was chipped and cracked but I have included it any way because of it's interesting motif.


When I saw this unusual purple colored bulb pot I purchased it but when it arrived it turned out to be more blue and less purple.


I do not own this beautiful bulb pot but have decided to own it virtually by including the images of it here.


The following bulb bowls I do not own either accept virtually through these photographs but they are all works of art and each one quite unique.


I was determined to capture this Doucai (contrasting colors) bulb pot when I saw it offered at auction so I left a high enough absentee bid to make sure that I won it whenever the auction started.


I do not own this bulb pot but it is typical of molded bulb pots


A pair of bulb pots


A bulb bowl with a beautiful glaze


Pairs of the deep bulb pots

A small hand-painted bulb pot


A round handpainted bulb pot


This beautiful pot ended up going for $2,200 on eBay; unfortunately I had to stop bidding at $1,200.