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Chinese Water Pots 2

A white Lotos

The water has become still

And nothing else

Werner Wallner

Shin'nyoren' - the "Lotos of absolute reality“

In China hundreds of Lotos cultivars have been grown. Many of them are hundreds of years old, but there are also many new cultivars.

Chinese Lotos plants can have different sizes. There are dwarf varieties that can be placed on a window sill in their pots, and there are giants which can get taller than a man.

In northern China, the winters are very cold. Lotos flowers have therefore always been grown in containers which can be placed in the cellar during winter. 

Not only the Chinese Lotos flowers are beautiful, but their names are often poetic: „Flying Rainbow“, „Drunken little Elf“, „Snow in the River“... let yourself get charmed by this foreign world.

This is written in a beautiful little book about Lotos by Werner Wallner.

If you are interested in everything about Lotos you can find professional information there.

Werner Wallner Gartenbau Website:

Here you see two more Chinese water pots which are very suitable for planting Lotos flowers. Of course, water lilies and many other water plants like horse tail etc. can also be cultivated in water pots like these.


Pot No. 2

These pots are both from the collection of Paul Lesniewicz, they are masterpieces of Chinese pottery art.

Measurements: 60 cm diameter x 45 cm height – approximately 80 to 90 years old



Photographs No. 1 and 2:  Werner Wallner

Photographs No. 3, 4 and 5:  Kurt Wartenberg

Photographs No. 5 – 30:  Peter Krebs

Translation: Heike van Gunst


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