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In Volume 55 of the German BONSAI ART magazine there was a short article on a Japanese Chestnut bonsai (Castanea crenata). It was created by Mr. Isamu Murata. The tree is now part of Mr. Takagi's collection (Takagi Museum) in Japan.

Of course, he most striking thing for me as a potter was the unusual pot.

And it's not the pot itself that's extraordinary, it's the feet of the pot, which are shaped like human heads. My large collection of bonsai pot photographs only contains two or three examples of this unusal shape.

One of them is from a japanese auction catalogue from 2001, where such a pot was sold for about 5300 €.

It's likely that those rare pots all come from a single pottery or potter. The composition shown above brings a nice harmonic tension to this pot. The high "head feet" and the well-chosen table make this bonsai even lighter, more transparent and airy. If I ever get to know more details on this pot (apart from the fact that it has a thunder meander on the upper rim and floral patterns on the curved profile), you'll be able to read it on this page.

Peter Krebs

Auction photograph: Archive Peter Krebs
All other photographs with kind permission of BONSAI ART.
The text on the chestnut tree was printed in Volume 55 of BONSAI ART, page 26.

Translation: Stefan Ulrich