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Butterfly Pots


Butterfly pots

A butterfly --
What dream
is making your wings flutter?

Butterfly pots - that's how I call the random results of my pottery.

The elements earth, fire, water and air are the potter's allies, and a potter needs to learn to be in accord with them. Each element contains hatred and love, becoming and passing, life and death. A creation can succeed or fail, the potter can't anticipate it. Only after opening the kiln, a moment of incredible suspense, success or failure is revealed.

So it happens that sometimes, after opening the kiln and letting it cool down, I have a pot in my hands of which I don't know how it was created, don't know what its relation was to the four elements, which circumstances it was exposed to. The pot is like a butterfly sitting on my hand.

Butterfly pots are not reproducible, and this is what makes them so special.

When looking at these pots I realize that pottery means giving a "soul" to the clay. It's not just the hands of the potter that create a work of art, the work is also influenced by forces that are unknown, unimagined and not manipulable.

Peter Krebs

Translation: Stefan Ulrich


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