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Book 6

Bonsai Pot Books

In contrast to books about bonsai there are only very few books about the subject of bonsai pots. Books concerning the artistic aspect of bonsai pots exist only since the early 70s of the last century. Therefore this subject has been dealt with in literature only for a rather short time and not very elaborately.

Harald Möhler is one of the greatest bonsai book experts in Europe. In this rubric he shares his knowledge concerning bonsai pot books with us.

Book 6

“Illustrated Book of small Bonsai Pots”, published 2006

This book is a directory of potters who have specialised in small bonsai pots. All pages show countless pots of still working artists. There are many impressive pots by Tosui, Ono Gishin, Heian Tofukuji, Kanzan, Takemoto und Inoue Ryosai.


Softcover, 146 pages
Ca. 650 colour photographs of small bonsai pots.
Measurements: 18.5 cm x 25.5 cm
Text: Japanese

Text and photographs were kindly provided by Harald Möhler.

Translation: Heike van Gunst

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