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Book 3

Bonsai Pot Books

In contrast to books about bonsai there are only very few books about the subject of bonsai pots. Books concerning the artistic aspect of bonsai pots exist only since the early 70s of the last century. Therefore this subject has been dealt with in literature only for a rather short time and not very elaborately.

Harald Möhler is one of the greatest bonsai book experts in Europe. In this rubric he shares his knowledge concerning bonsai pot books with us.



“Bonsai Pots – Appreciation and Enjoyment of Ceramic Art”

Author: Hyoe Hatanaka, published 1996


A newer book which covers a wide range of bonsai pots, like pots for collecting and for use, Japanese and Chines pots, new and antique pots. This book was written by one of the most prominent collectors of Japan, Hatanaka-san, whose collection was nearly destroyed in 1995 during the earthquake in Kobe.

This book is subdivided into five parts. The first part is dedicated to individual potters and their most well-known works. The second part is about famous kilns and towns in Japan where ceramics are produced. The third and fourth part deals with Chinese pots and the last part is about potters who are still active.


In the preface Saburo Kato, president of the Nippon Bonsai Association, recommends the book as follows: “I esteem Hyoe Hatanaka, who has collected a lot of great bonsai pots for many years and who wrote this book. I think this book is a great work about bonsai pots which is given to future generations.”


Hardcover with slipcase, no book-jacket

Many colour photographs of superb bonsai pots

256 pages

Measurements: 15 x 22 cm

Text: Japanese

Text and photographs were kindly provided by Harald Möhler.

Translation: Heike van Gunst



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