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Bonsai Pot Auction


100 years, more than a human lifespan, are between the time this photograph ws taken and the time a bonsai pot auction took place in Japan, on the 9th of December 2001. On offer were master pieces of the bonsai and pottery arts.

The bonsai pots on the old photo are the hearth's delight of every bonsai pot enthusiast. The prices of these pots today, after hundred years, could make your heart stand still. Alone the pot No. 94 from the auction catalog costs more than the entire potter's shop at that time.

The price of 3.500.000 Yen is about 23.000 . The prices for the old pots in the catalog are between 1000 and 23.000 €.

What would the four persons on the photograph say about that?

One year later, in Germany, there was an auction of bonsai and pots from B-I-G, where the prices for old pots ranged between 400 and 2000 €.

The morale: Keep your bonsai pots well and safe, they will all become old!

Peter Krebs

Translation: Stefan Ulrich

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