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Blue Decorated Pots 1


The azalea is sometimes called “cuckoo flower” in China. A legend says that this bird cuckoos all night until his throat is bleeding. The red throat of the cuckoo is related to the colour of the azalea flowers. In Japan the azalea is highly valued as a bonsai plant. It grows as a wild plant in the medium altitudes and it is not surprising that it was also grown in pots in gardens and houses.


In the western world, azaleas are becoming increasingly popular, too. An exhibition with the title “Japanese Flower Dreams – 1st Azalea Festival” in Schwetzingen, Germany, was a great tribute to these beautiful plants.

Here are some photographs of that exhibition:


A chinese author of the 19. century meditates:

“A blossom or flower ist the appearance of a beautiful woman, who is a reincarnation of a flower, both of them really are one and the same.”

There's a wide range of suitable pots for azaleas. Colour and shape can be chosen more freely, there are almost no guidelines. Unglazed pots are suitable as well as the elementary colours red, yellow or blue. One of the nicest possibilities are old chinese pots, especially the blue, decorated ones.

A lovely example by UDO FISCHER Bonsai Design.


A chrysanthemum has been modelled onto the front of this pot.

Size of the pot: 28 x 21 x 6cm (11 x 8 1/4 x 2 3/8 in).

Here's the fragment of a pine.


This pot is decorated with a floral image.

All pots were fired at ca. 1020°C - 1040°C. They are from the collection of Paul Lesniewicz.

Peter Krebs

Azalea photograph: Udo Fischer
Pot photographs: Peter Krebs
All other photographs kindly provided by BONSAI ART.

Translation: Heike van Gunst


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