These beautiful copper trays are still in use today. They are used for displaying bonsai or suiseki. People say that no contemporary artist is able to produce such trays like the ones master Hooun has created. Experts enthusiastically state that his copper works have a soul. The outstanding shape as well as the finishing is unsurpassable. The small number of trays made by master Hooun makes them even more coveted. His works were copied countless times but even the best copies are not comparable to the oringinals.

Most of the trays are more than 50 cm long, some even up to one meter. The two trays shown here are however smaller. Their metallic copper tone varied by brown and greenish colour shades makes them particularly stand out from others. Master Hooun executed all tasks up to the smallest details all by himself. If  somebody tried to create trays of this quality level today, the costs would be immense. The artist died in 1973. He left his trays to posteriority, and their surface already shows the traces of time in the form of a nice patina.


Copper tray with greenish patina.
Length 23.4 cm, width 9.2 cm, height 1.3 cm.

The master's mark.

Copper tray with reddish-brown patina.
Length 23.5 cm, width 9.1 cm, height 1.3 cm.

The master's mark.

Article published with kind permission of BONSAI ART.

Translation: Heike van Gunst