Ishida Shoseki was born on October 25 in 1925. She made ceramics since 1969 and in 1978, at the age of 50, went to Imari, where she was taught by master Bunsho how to work with the potter's wheel and subsequently studied painting under Tosato Miyazaki. Her characteristic motifs are landscapes, animals, geometrics and little childen in the Chinese Nanga school style. Typically she used subtle colors. She died in 2005.


A picture in the pottery book “Bijutsu Bonkei” shows Ishida Shoseki, the 1. generation:





Two characteristic round porcelain pots by Ishida Shoseki. The left one is painted with Chinese children, the right one with landscapes in fan-shaped picture frames, surrounded by geometrics.




A plain pot with a light green crackle glaze.





Ishida Shoseki's signature and chop.




A round shohin pot painted in blue. The landscape motivs are placed in fan-shaped picture frames which are surrounded by geometrics.







The rim is also painted whith great precision.







An oval porcelain pot painted with landscape motifs in blue and green.





A round porcelain pot by Ishida Shoseki painted in blue. A cloud-shaped picture frame contains a mountain landscape.




A hexagonal porcelain pot with landscape motifs and geometric patterns. On the feet of the pot there are painted flowers.





A round pot painted in blue. Two pines stand on a cliff above the sea. Below the cliff thow little boats are sailing along. In the background there are rocky islands.





Frogs like those painted on this round porcelain pot are a motif that Ishida Shoseki has used quite often.





A rectangular porcelain pot with landscape paintings and geometrics.





The landscape motifs in the fan-shaped picture frames are painted in five colours.





A colourful flower pattern is painted on this round mame pot.





A round pot with persons.





This pot is the work of two popular bonsai pot artists. Ishida Shoseki has created the pot and Daisuke Sano has painted it. A landscape with hares is painted with black glaze colour on the light blue glazed porcelain pot.





There is a frog motif on the other side of the pot.






Signature of Daisuke Sano and chop mark of Ishida Shoseki.





A cascade pot with blue landscape painting. The composition and the use of free space is as remarkable as the vivid expression of the motif.




Yuki Shoseki was born 15.8.1946 in Tokyo, her real name is Ishida Fumiko. From the year 1988 on she apprenticed with Ishida Shoseki. In 2005 she took over the business from her mother-in-law and was given the name Yuki Shoseki (2. generation). Yuki is the wife of Ishida Shoseki's first son.

She produces mostly porcelain pots, many painted mostly in blue, often with dragons, patterns, insects, children or landscape / plant motifs in picture frames. She uses stronger colors than her mother-in-law in most cases.

The pots of the first generation, by Ishida Shoseki, are considerably more expensive than those of the second generation. Yuki Shosekis work is easily available in larger numbers today.



A cascade pot by Yuki Shoseki. Porcelain with painted grasshoppers.





An oval porcelain shohin pot, painted with little girls and geometrics.





On the other side there is the painting of a little boy.





A side view of the same pot. It shows herbs and Butterflies.





A flower shaped porcelain pot painted with geometrics.





Oval porcelain shohin pot with Yuki Shoseki's typical dragon motif.





A round pot with overlapping fan-shaped picture frames.





A mokko-shaped pot with coloured landscape painting.





Pots painted with red glaze (Akae) are rarer than those painted with blue glaze (Sometsuke).





This hexagonal pot is painted with much detail. The landscape pictures are bordered with frames in the shape of an antique mirror. On each of the six sides there is a different motif.










Yuki Shoseki's signature on the bottom of the pot.





Another red painted pot.




The rim is decorated with a very attractive pattern.






A round pot with a colourful dragon motif.





This pot shows a very similar dragon motif. The signature of the artist is also on the cloth delivered with the pot.





This rectangular porcelain pot with cloud feet is painted with landscape motifs enclosed in cloud-shaped picture frames, surrounded by geometric patterns.





Side view.








The other sideview.




Delicate flower patterns are painted on the rim.




On the bottom there is the Shoseki chop mark and Yuki's Signature painted with blue on white glaze.




This pot was not made of porcelain but of clay. It was covered with white glaze first and was painted afterwards. There are different motifs on three sides.







Looking at the bottom of the pot, it is clearly visible that the material is not porcelain. This pot was also marked with a chop and a painted signature.





This round porcelain pots is decorated with leave motifs in fan-shaped picture frames. On this side there are red maple leaves.




On this side there are green leaves, maybe beech leaves.




The third side is decorated with ginkgo leaves in autumn colours.








This pot is decorated with three different koi carp motifs.








Text: Heike van Gunst, with friendly support of Ryan Bell (USA)


Photographs: Heike van Gunst, Bonsai Art, Ryan Bell and others. Many thanks to all persons who provided photographs of their pots.