She is a quiet person, you don’t hear her, she is silent like her tools, paper and pencil. On many big bonsai exhibitions she can be seen on a chair or sitting on a box, composed but so attentive that no pine needle or bark flake escapes her eye. She is an exceptionally gifted artist, her bonsai drawings are among the finest in Europe. Her drawings are accurate, nearly photographic. The pencil handling is impressing, the secureness of her hand amazing. These pictures can hardly be described, you must see them to understand them.

Here are some pictures to enjoy.

I asked Mrs Hensen to draw two pots made by me. I chose two difficult ones, not with the intention to test Mrs. Hensen’s abilities but because these pots have been a great challenge to my potting skills.

The drawings are lovely, pot and drawing are excellent complements of each other.

Peter Krebs

(By the way, the original drawings are much more subtle ...)
Mrs Hensen will also draw your bonsai, possibly from a photograph. Her email address is:


Translation: Heike van Gunst