I did not capture this pair of bulb pots but have included their pictures here for your enjoyment.


I recently acquired this bulb pot and it's another one of my favorites now because of its rich decoration.


This is actually a one of a pair of double walled bulb pots that I acquired through another contact in China.

This is the pair to the first one; you may notice a slight difference in the shape of the mountain from the other one.


This bulb pot was actually made in Japan and I own it now courtesy of eBay.


This is my favorite bulb pot and I don't even own it. I like it because of the visible structure of the pot and also the way the painting extends down into the pot. When I was new into eBay this pot was up for auction and I didn't know enough about


A beautiful bulb pot that I won on eBay


An Art Deco bulb pot


I found this large and colorful bulb pot through eBay, it now sits among my other bulb pots on the hand made shelves gracing my den.


I have yet to photograph the smaller sized bulb pots which I keep in a glass doored cabinet near the kitchen it's an old antique but I've had it wired for light's.



Special thanks to Vaughn Banting's family, in particular his sister, Mrs. Beth Perkins, who kindly gave me the permission to put this article onto my bonsaipot-webpages.

Furthermore I would like to thank Mr. Stefan Ulrich, who found this article in the world wide web, Mr. Guy Guidry, who made the contact with the Banting family and Mrs. Heike van Gunst, for the correspondence and translation. 

It is an honour to show this article here.