Bonsai Pot Books

In contrast to books about bonsai there are only very few books about the subject of bonsai pots. Books concerning the artistic aspect of bonsai pots exist only since the early 70s of the last century. Therefore this subject has been dealt with in literature only for a rather short time and not very elaborately.
In Japan the first book of this kind was published in 1973 by Keiji Murata.

Harald Möhler is one of the greatest bonsai book experts in Europe. In this rubric he shares his knowledge concerning bonsai pot books with us.




“Bonsai Pots and Suiban” by Keiji Murata and Takema Takeuchi
Publisher: Keiji Murata, published 1973

Mr. Keiji Murata was a famous and leading expert for suiseki and bonsai. He published several books about bonsai and suiseki in Japan.

In the preface of this book,  Keiji Murata writes: "Many people are interested in bonsai and suiseki and refine their knowledge. Due to this, people developed more and more interest in bonsai pots and suiban. However, peculiar enough, there was no book on this subject. So I decided to write this book.”



This is the first book on the subject of bonsai pots and suiban which was published in Japan. On the slipcase is written: “A book essential for each bonsai and suiseki enthusiast.”


Hardcover with slipcase, no book-jacket
Many photographs (black and white) of lovely suiban and bonsai pots.
Pages 13 - 44 colour photographs, pages 47 - 216 black and white photographs
216 pages
Measurements: 19 x 25 cm
Text: Japanese

Text and photographs were kindly provided by Harald Möhler. 

Translation: Heike van Gunst