This little quiz was originally posted to the german bonsai forum BFF.


Hi bonsai freaks,

I planted a small azalea into one of my first dragon pots. Only in flower the whole beauty of the arrangement has become visible.



Who can help and tell me what sort of azalea it is? I have never seen anything alike.


Many greetings, Peter Krebs




Here's the second hint:

This lovely arrangement can be found in many dark places in our country. The key to the light is 84.

Thank you for participating




Hi bonsai quiz friends,

now here is the answer:

The key to the light is the number 84. It is the page number of a book in which there is no light when closed. The book is in many places of the country. The book's title is Bonsai im Haus (Indoor Bonsai) by Paul Lesniewicz .

Here's the little story ...

In 1991 the photographs for the book were taken. Paul Lesniewicz and the photographer Josef Wiegand had been working very hard for weeks in order to achieve the best possible photo quality.

At that time I owned the small light pink flowering azalea shown above which was also to be photographed. When the time came I put the little pot too heavily on the table and all the flowers fell off. We looked at each other dumbfounded and I said: Well, that was it.

Paul said: Why?, picked up some of the light pink flowers and put them back onto the plant. And then the clou, he not only picked up the pink flowers, but also flowers in all colours from the azaleas photographed before.

His comment finally: Now this looks neat!

So the picture of the mysterious enchanted little arrangement got into the book without an explanation and became a piece of history from the time when bonsai in Germany was in its infancy.


Thanks for taking part in the quiz.

Many greetings,




Photograph: Josef Wiegand



Translation: Heike van Gunst